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Web Design

Some points you should consider when choosing a web designer

Graphic design is not web design

Although closely related, design for print and design for internet are two very different mediums. A web page display can depend on the end users settings and must be taken into consideration. Images file sizes need to be kept low and elaborate designs need to be simplified to reduce download time. Web sites are here to communicate not decorate.

Squeakie Ice hail from a graphic design background but now we work exclusively on web design. Whilst we produce eye catching and attractive designs, we ensure that they are optimised for the web with the emphasis on information architecture and user experience.

The web is changing. Quickly

You only need to look at a website such as Archive.org to see how much the internet has changed in the last few years. Bandwidths improve, new technologies and scripting languages arise. It is vitally important to keep on top of these changes and move with the times. However it is surprising how many designers still choose 'Tables' over 'CSS' to build websites.

Our websites are programmed with the latest in CSS and XHTML. This means quick loading, cross browser, standards compliant web sites. Javascript based scripting languages are used for interactivity and Flash is used in moderation as there is often a better solution.

SEO is not important, it's imperative

Location, location, location. Search Engine Optimisation is a must for anyone serious about their website and not wanting to spend money on advertising. The higher up the search results you appear, the more prospective customers will visit your website.

87% of all visitors come from a page 1 position.

91% of websites are visited through a search engine.

73% of all online transactions start with search engines.

We don't offer the choice of having your website optimised, we always include it. Carefully selected keywords in the headings, body text and meta tags, along with selective submission to internet directories and search engines ensure a prominent ranking in the SERPS and a strong presence on the World Wide Web.