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Noting the reference to 59 Xuan Dieu being a reasonably poor bia hoi on this website and that this was disappointing for the lack of bia hois in this area I felt obliged to tell the world about a good little spot just a short stroll further down the street.

Food and Drink

Number 41 or as it is more affectionately known to locals as 'Fat Hanh's Bia Hoi' (Bia Hoi Hanh Beo) sits next to a popular lunchtime bun cha spot, and nestles under the shadow of the domineering spires of the new office that houses that most notorious of environmental organisations who are represented by China's largest vegetarian bear and have recently dusted themselves down from an epic legal battle with a favourite wrestling TV show in order to keep their own acronym.

Anyway, back to the bia hoi...It is in fact entirely possible to enjoy a nice fresh glass from the bia hoi whilst you are slurping down your bun cha next door (although Fat Hanh herself has recently moved into the bun cha business herself so this may not last too long).  Fat Hanh it must be said has turned the place around, mainly by converting the place into an excellent com binh dan (and the bun cha is reasonable although not as good as next door) spot at lunchtimes.  I particularly enjoy a hearty plate of rice and whatever looks best on the day washed down with the always good, clean and fresh bia hoi.


I understand the lau is also fairly well sought after here particularly in the evenings.  All in all, this is a small but decent bia hoi with an open facade onto Xuan Dieu, efficient, friendly service, good bia and usually a decent atmosphere of customers passing through and quite busy at mealtimes.

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